Network: HBO
Starring: Ben Sinclair

A television program that sympathizes with drug users and their dealer: oh, the humanity! For real, though, the humanity. High Maintenance is the most humanizing show on television. Through the eyes of a nameless weed pot known only as The Guy, viewers are brought into the most intimate spaces of the diverse, eccentric, and neurotic people who populate New York City: their apartments. Everyone in the city—the Muslim students, the new parents, and the middle aged swingers—are just trying to get by, and sometimes that means smoking weed. Judgment is withheld even for those with “asshole” as their contact name. (Max, the closest thing to a villain from the web series, gets a redemptive arc in the series premiere.) The HBO comedy won’t have you feeling left out if you weren’t up on the digital shorts, though. There are enough Easter eggs for the day-one fans and hilarious but enough heartwarming character tales for the newbies to keep everyone satisfied. —Ian Servantes