Network: FX
Starring: Pamela Adlon, Mikey Madison, Hannah Alligood

If you loved Pamela Adlon’s work as Louie’s unrequited love interest on Louie but didn’t check out her show Better Things, you’re a fool. FX is slowly becoming the best damn television channel in America, and these left field curveballs that they keep rolling out is the reason why. Similar to Louie, Pamela modeled the show after her real life (complete with her English mother and single mother of three lifestyle), but instead of trying to go auteur like Louis C.K., who co-created the series along with writing and directing some of the episodes, Adlon contained her weirdness in a semi-linear story that not only dealt with family relationships, but issues with sexism, ageism, and many more -isms. Still, it was never preachy. Better Things was chock full of crassness, but also true-as-hell lessons that can only be learned by actually living and surviving life with an inquisitive, sideways glance thrown at everything. —khal