The real Donald Trump may not be a fan of Alec Baldwin's impersonation of him on Saturday Night Live, but the network seems to love it, and are willing to pay to have him do it on a regular basis—though less money than you might imagine. NBC execs pony up $1,400 for each appearance Baldwin makes in full Trump costume, The New York Times reports. 

Sure, that pay may seem just a little low considering the overwhelming attention that Baldwin has attracted as a result of his hilarious sketches. But after making appearances on quite a few episodes since his debut on Oct. 1, those paychecks are definitely starting to add up. 

And according to The Times, it doesn't take too much of Baldwin's time to get into character. Actually, it takes no more than seven minutes to "dust on" a bit of Clinique Stay-Matte powder in honey, throw on a hand-stitched wig, and glue on bushy eyebrows, according to Times reporter Sarah Maslin Nir. But as far as getting into character, Baldwin previously shared that he binged on hours of Trump rallies and campaign appearances to perfect the president-elect's  signature duck face and pronunciation of words like "China" and "wrong." 

Many would give Baldwin two thumbs up for his impersonation, but Trump has his own opinions of the actor's performance. Trump has often taken to Twitter following SNL's airing, blasting Baldwin and the network for broadcasting such "sad" and "unwatchable" episodes. He's even demanded for the show to be retired, saying its both "boring and unfunny."

But despite Trump's review, Baldwin says he's not going anywhere anytime soon. The actor responded to one of Trump's tweets earlier in December, saying that he would cease all impersonations when the president-to-be released his tax returns. Trump's been pretty vocal about that never happening. So it looks like Baldwin is still going to be collecting a nice check.