Just for a moment, set aside the fact that placing the blame for the past 12 months of abhorrent fuckery squarely on a singular year is a ludicrous concept. You know that. I know that. WE ALL KNOW THAT. Having said that, there's a very special (and very fleeting) comfort to be found in going all the way in on what will surely go down in history as the most concentrated amount of bullshit of all time: 2016, a.k.a. The Year Everything Jumped the Shark.

To help us cope, the Friend Dog Studios team has unveiled a "trailer" for what we hope actually becomes a real movie. The film, aptly titled 2016: The Movie, taps into the overwhelming onslaught of this year's shark-jumping moments by adding some ominous music and some undeniably Purge-y overtones:

The paralyzingly unsettling trailer features coloring and cinematography by Vetter Brothers Filmworks, who have previously contributed noticeably less terrifying visual mastery to an eBay commercial and a Luis Machicao clip. Anna Gillcrist and David Martin star alongside the vocal stylings of Salem Deel to cinematically deliver the following message:

This year's extreme shittiness is now so undeniable, Betty White fans are out here dropping money on a GoFundMe campaign designed to protect her from 2016. After cruising past an initial goal of $2,000, Demetrios Hrysikos's viral fundraiser is now nearing its new goal of $10,000. All funds raised, according to Hrysikos, will be donated to the Spartanburg Little Theater in South Carolina to "help craft new stars of stage and screen" for the increasingly shitty years ahead.