After hyping up the new Wonder Woman trailer with a teaser for the trailer, Warner Bros. has unveiled the full deal. The latest glimpse at next year's hella anticipated Patty Jenkins film sees Gal Gadot preparing for full-on battle as Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman herself.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in July, Jenkins said her desire to helm a Wonder Woman film had been known within the industry since at least 2003, when her Oscar-winning Charlize Theron film Monster placed her in higher demand. "There was a period of time when we had two very different visions and I wanted them to find the right director for the job," Jenkins explained of the film's development phase. "It turned out we had a shared vision after all."

That vision, Jenkins explained, was to give fans a "straight-forward" origin tale. "I didn't want to do anything more complicated," Jenkins added. "From my point of view, this was the movie I was talking to them about for about eight or nine years." Thankfully, that movie is finally happening and also stars Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, and Lucy Davis.

Peep the new trailer above and catch Wonder Woman in theaters June 2, 2017.