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Episode: Season 3, Episode 7
Whiteness Rating: 24 hours worth of egg salad sandwiches

This episode will always be fire for Dean finally growing a pair and calling Rory out for her blatant disrespect (back when Dean was just the sympathy-endearing woefully doting simp and not a better townie cheat). Son had to watch his girl flirt with Jess right in front of him for like, a season and a half. But where does he finally cut the cord? Why, at the town's 24-hour dance marathon of course! Almost all of Stars Hollow's weird-ass events—a big percentage of the town, and the show itself's charm, make no mistake—were basically inherently white af, but this takes the cake. You can bet there was no Soul Train shuffling or electric sliding during any of this. And to drive the overwhelmingly Caucasian aesthetic home—the meal on deck is Mrs. Kim's egg salad sandwiches.—Frazier Tharpe