On Saturday night, Saturday Night Live aired a pair of sketches aimed to poke fun at those wallowing over the result of the 2016 presidential election. First, they took shots at people who won't flee to Canada, but still simply wish to live in denial for the next four-to-eight years. That sketch was called "The Bubble," and it included a vision of a society full of hybrids, like-minded viewpoints, astronomical rents, and dollar bills with Bernie Sanders's face printed on them. It's not exactly difficult to envision such a community because, as SNL put it, "It's Brooklyn, with a bubble on it."

Next up was a phony Target commercial that'll give you ideas on how to kill time and skip Thanksgiving, should you be trying to duck immediate family/relatives who are going to prattle on and on about the election:

Early Sunday morning, Trump—much like Abe Lincoln would—responded on Twitter by seemingly indicating that he missed both segments because he was distracted by whatever mildly amusing event had captured his childlike attention span:

He should have better things to do soon enough.