When you think of America’s most famous cities, your mind likely goes to New York and L.A. But let’s not forget about the thriving hub of art and commerce that is Chicago. Located in the heart of the Midwest, Chi-Town is where creative energy meets industrial grit. And in the city’s West Side community known as Little Village, a rising fashion and editorial photographer is changing the game in more ways than one.

Anthony Trevino is a Chicago native who's determined to improve the conditions of the predominantly Mexican-American neighborhood he lives in. His weapon of choice in this fight to better the community? His camera, which he uses to shine a light on those that his city—and his country—has forgotten about. Where others turn a blind eye, Anthony sees great potential for both redemption and progress. And it all begins with a click of his camera.

For more on Anthony Trevino "fighting for better," check out the video above, sponsored by Modelo.