When the Oxford English Dictionary ripped off our guy Stephen Colbert by naming "post-truth" the 2016 international word of the year, everyone was pissed. But we weren't pissed because "post-truth" obviously borrows heavily from the Colbert Report concept of truthiness. Nah. We were pissed because this is just the latest reminder of the prescience of the ancient Durst-ian proverb, "Everything is fucked. Everybody sucks." In protest of this shittiness, why not do something big? Why not petition for Mia Khalifa to be named the U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia?

"Mia Khalifa has a proven track record of bringing people together regardless of cultural background for the betterment of our country and international community," Dalcolm Rodriguez-Goldstein says of Change.org petition, first spotted by the biblically accomplished team at Bro Bible. "She will be a great leader representing us in the middle east as well as a symbol of the melting pot that is America." At the time of publication, the petition had nearly topped 4,000 signatures.

If such a petition was somehow able to make its way into the hands of the intended recipients, there's essentially zero chance Khalifa would take the job. If this recent retweet from her official Twitter account is any indication, then Khalifa isn't down with a single aspect of the President-elect's so-called vision for a purportedly "great" version of America:

At any rate, the petition is now riding a wave of enthusiastic support:

Mia Khalifa has yet to comment on any of this.