It looks like we won't be keeping up with at least one member of the Kardashian-Jenner crew—at least not on Instagram. Kendall Jenner had millions of her followers on the social platform completely confused after her profile disappeared from their timelines. 

The fact that the account was deleted was discovered on Sunday afternoon. But the question on many fans' minds would be why? The reality star hasn't addressed the Insta-freeze on any of her standing social accounts, but the act may have something to do with the harsh criticism she has received in the recent months. 

Kendall and the rest of her family are no strangers to criticism, but recently the internet sensation has endured a lot of backlash from from her photo shoots and modeling gigs, including images she posted from her Vogue spread in which she was dressed up like a prima ballerina. The dancing community was not too thrilled about that one, to say the least. 

Additionally, Kendall's social media absence may be related to her current stalker situation. The past couple months, Kendall has been involved in a lengthy court battle, in which she had to testify against her alleged stalker, Shavuaghn McKenzie. To her surprise, McKenzie was found not guilty, but was charged with trespassing. He spent a limited amount of time in jail before being released on Nov. 11.

Kendall now joins her sister Kim Kardashian, who has been inactive Twitter and Instagram since she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. Luckily for Kendall's band of followers, she still has her Twitter account. So until the reality star decides to make her Insta-return, fans will only have to keep up to date there.