The classic Heineken has been around for over 150 years and over that time the beer has found its way into pretty much every bar or pub you’ve ever been to. Now, they’ve made some changes to that original recipe and created a new limited edition ‘Wild Lager’, the H41°, that releases next month.

The big recipe change is a new yeast, so on paper that might not sound like too much. The change in flavour, though, is big and master brewer Willem Van Waesberghe described it as “the biggest ever brand departure” for the ubiquitous beer. The reason behind this new recipe is the discovery of the so-called ‘mother yeast’ of Heineken’s normal ‘A’ yeast that they’ve used for 130 years. The H41° name comes from the discovery of this yeast, with 41 being the latitude of the forest in Patagonia, Argentina where the yeast was discovered.