Space Jam is almost old enough to drink, having officially turned 20 today. Decades after its release, the Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes collab still holds a very special place in the hearts of reluctant senior citizens. We've been celebrating Joe Pytka's nostalgic hit all day by doing very necessary shit such as trying to figure out where the Monstars are now and hiring a millennial to watch it for the first time ever in the name of film criticism.

But Jensen Karp, a comedian and author of Kanye West Owes Me $300, totally beat us at the throwback game with this:

Funny or Die got ahead of the 20th anniversary boom back in 2014, gathering a nice assortment of comedians and athletes to pay tribute to this undeniable feat of screenwriting. Jensen Karp is joined by Nick Kroll, Seth Green, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Paul Scheer, and many more for a page-by-page journey that ended up including this instaclassic Charles Barkley impression:

Suddenly kinda down for peeping the real thing? Fathom Events is way ahead of you. As announced back in October, more than 450 theaters across the country are putting Space Jam back on the big screen as a 20th anniversary hat-tip. "Space Jam has been a family favorite for the last 20 years and is sure to remain so for the next 20 and beyond," Fathom's Tom Lucas said in a press release, perhaps forgetting about the inevitable (and arguably doomed) Space Jam 2. "This event is the perfect chance for audiences of all ages to view the film as it was meant to be seen—on the big screen."

Find tickets and showtimes by clicking right here.