If you have to ask what go90 is, you're already late. The free streaming service features everything from live streams of major soccer matches worldwide, NBA and NFL games, not to mention a mess of new shows you've got to get into. Because watching re-runs of Seinfeld is so washed. 

And if you think you don’t have time to get into a new show, think again. Most go90 episodes are between 5 and 20 minute long so really you could watch on the john (we won’t judge) and discover your new favorite mini-series.

From social media stars like Hayes Grier to actors like Amy Sedaris and Chris Elliott starring in new Complex Networks series to athletes like Nick Young and Metta World Peace testing out their acting skills, go90 offers hundreds of programs without demanding hundreds of hours.

Every week we're going to come at you fast with the shows that are trending on go90. Check out this week's new releases and fan favorites you've got to check out. 

Top Grier go90
Image via go90 Original


If Hayes Grier can entertain you in 5 seconds, imagine what he could do in 10 minutes? The Vine (#RIP) star leaves his social media roots for his native ones, returning to his hometown of North Carolina to spend the summer with his family and friends.

Check out the latest episode above.

Christina Milian Cat Star go90
Image via go90 Original


Why is it that music sounds so much better in the car? Sony’s new series, Car Star tackles that question with some hardcore karaoke fans and celebrities like Christina Milian.

Click here to check out Milian’s episode.

Wreckroom go90
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Entourage’s Adrian Grenier built a recording studio in his Brooklyn basement. What’s he using it for? Recording sessions for up-and-coming bands. It’s not Entourage but Grenier and his multimillion dollar townhouse might find the latest and greatest new star.

Click here to check out the first episode.

Blake Griffin The 5th Quarter at Disney
Image via go90 Original


Blake Griffin, Chris Parnell, and Mark Cuban are just a few of the stars in the hilarious mockumentary inspired by ESPN’s 30 for 30 series. In episode 2, Jerry Maguire’s star Frank Cushman falls from grace...and it’s a heartbreaking story you’ve got to watch.

Click here to watch the premier episode.