Show: The Real WorldReal World/Road Rules Challenge
Years Active: 1994, 1998, 2003
Most Villainous Moment: Sticking his dirty finger in the peanut butter, then immediately lying about it (Season 3, Episode 9)

While Puck wasn’t the first person to be evicted from a Real World house (that distinction goes to comedian David Edwards in Season 2), Puck’s problems with his household were much more egregious. At the time, Puck was without a doubt the worst person you could possibly live with. He was the kind of guy who took pride in the scabs and scrapes he accumulated as a bike messenger. He’d blow snot rockets on the side of the road, not wash his hands, then have his dirty fingers all up in your peanut butter. He was the kind of guy who would openly mock Pedro Zamora’s Cuban accent to his face, then leave the entire situation while the roommates hashed it out (something which The Atlantic wisely pointed out could NOT happen on reality TV today).

Ultimately, Puck is the ultimate reality TV show villain because of the sheer level of fucks he did NOT give. He was as crass, as crude, and as cruel as anyone who had been on reality TV then, and he stands the test of time, even with The Real World boasting bigger fights and dirtier people in the years following San Francisco. To this day, no one has had as huge of an impact as the disgusting filth that Puck gave the viewing public some two decades later. —khal