Show: Top Chef
Years Active: 2006-2007
Most Villainous Moment: There wasn't a specific moment, but Marcel's fellow contestants hated him so much they tried to shave his head (Season 2, Episode 11)

In terms of reality TV villains, let’s give some #realtalk: Marcel Vigneron is right where he belongs. He’s not an all-time villain like some of the people higher on this list, more of an annoying specter who haunted his season of Top Chef. As the runner up on the second season of Top Chef, Marcel annoyed his fellow contestants and the audience considerably. He was a whiny brat whose cooking skills couldn’t quite outshine his bad behavior. The tipping point was when his other contestants tried to shave his head in their shared home, an incident that ended with another contestant being kicked off the show. Marcel claimed that there was creative editing involved in the incident and that the true “drunken assault” wasn't shown. No matter the truth of the situation, Marcel was well hated by audiences, so much so that after the season aired, a woman recognized him at a club and hit him in the face with a bottle. The price of fame, I guess? —Kerensa Cadenas