Show: Laguna Beach
Years Active: 2004-2005
Most Villainous Moment: When she made out with a random in Cabo in front of Stephen (Season 1, Episode 5)

Okay, so Kristin Cavallari gets a bit of a pass considering she was only a teenager when she was on Laguna Beach, and she’s said in countless recent interviews that she was forced to be a mean girl by MTV. Still, Cavallari brought an element of “drama drama drama” that an otherwise mundane show desperately needed. When she wasn’t stealing “Stepheennn” away from the angelic LC, she was breaking hearts and dancing on the bar in Cabo. (Those show producers were working overtime to pretend they weren’t filming and witnessing 17-year-olds drinking alcohol.) Choker-queen Cavallari always got her way when it came to the guy she set her sights on—which varied by the week—and she had no problem calling people out on their shit. Remember when she told Jessica she had “no sympathy for her” after Jess got blatantly cheated on by scumbag extraordinaire Jason? And when she openly complained about Lauren’s lame-ass white party? She did all that and was still Laguna Beach High School’s most coveted prom date. Even if you were Team LC, you have to hand it to Kristin for being a real-life Regina George. —Lauren Zupkus