Show: Love & Hip-Hop: AtlantaK. Michelle: My LifeStevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood
Years Active: 2012-present
Most Villainous Moment: When she and Stevie attacked Benzino, Althea, and Tammy at the reunion (Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta Season 3, Episode 18)

Ah, the Puerto Rican princess, is there anyone more polarizing on the wildly successful Love & Hip-Hop franchise? LHHATL documents her turbulent relationship with Stevie J and his baby’s mother, Mimi Faust. The first few seasons of the show, Joseline is portrayed as a homewrecker (blame Stevie), someone who’s aggressive, angry, and combative (see: punching multiple people in the face); someone who is downright messy (she showed up at Mimi’s house and called her "Molly da Maid"). But after years of fighting and just trying to keep her head above water, we started to see a softer side of Joseline in Season 2 after she visited Puerto Rico, the home she was forced to leave when she was just 12 years old. We've seen why she acts out, has anger issues, and allows herself to be in an abusive relationship with Stevie. Fast-forward a few years though, and Joseline is still stirring the pot. She and Stevie lied to everyone about being married (for publicity) and she is now pregnant and wants a paternity test...from Stevie. Nothing like a new storyline! —Katherine Calvert