Show: Real Housewives of New Jersey
Years Active: 2009-2010
Most Villainous Moment: The entirety of Season 2

A great TV villain is made up of a few things: production and editing, the villain playing their “role,” and the person actually being batshit crazy. No one played into this more than Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub. She knew she was being portrayed as a calculating, manipulative, conniving “prostitution whore!!!” and ran with it. You always wanted her on your screen because you couldn’t believe what you were witnessing. This is a woman who tried to get her cast member’s daughter taken away from her (allegedly, *eye roll*). A woman who went to a charity dinner for a child with cancer and caused a scene. A woman who was arrested for kidnapping and beating someone with a 9mm pistol (again, allegedly) and was engaged...NINETEEN TIMES!!!!! And never forget the table flip heard ‘round the world—yep, she caused that! The only problem? She pushed her luck and none of her fellow cast members would film with her. Ultimately, they booted her in 2010 in favor of Teresa’s family and she was never heard from again. Recently, she’s been spotted hanging with Tre. I sense a return, and let’s be honest, the New Jersey franchise could use her. BRING HER BACK, ANDY. —Katherine Calvert