Pennsylvania had a very special Wednesday thanks to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Colossal star Anne Hathaway hit up Temple University to encourage young voters to make sure their voices are heard next Tuesday, an impromptu meet-and-greet that resulted in at least one dude understandably bursting into tears:

The clip was first uploaded by "Happy Birthday" sing-along recipient (and Temple University student) Ewan Johnson before making its way to ABC Action News and elsewhere, once again reminding you that whatever you end up doing for your next birthday will probably be pretty lame in comparison.

Hathaway told fans they could cop a selfie if they signed up to volunteer, Temple News reported. "My parents grew up not too far from here," Hathaway told the crowd during a 30-minute hangout. "My aunt went to Temple and I've spent many, many holidays in the suburbs of Philadelphia." The Oscar-winning actress also expressed just how crucial next week's election is for voters both young and old. "I'm not going to tell you what to do," Hathaway told students Wednesday. "But I'm voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton."