Amber Heard has been named in a massive multimillion-dollar lawsuit surrounding her 2015 film London Fields. The film's producers have sued Heard for "more than $10 million," Variety reported Monday. Heard has been accused of "sabotaging" the troubled film, originally set to premiere at that year's Toronto International Film Festival, by "campaigning" for its cancelation.


"Heard understood the nature of the role… and the tenor of the screenplay, which was salacious, provocative, and contained nude scenes," the lawsuit states, referencing allegations that Heard retroactively objected to cuts of the film that included simulated sex and "some nudity." Heard is also accused of conspiring with the director, Matthew Cullen, to have certain scenes removed.


The film's troubles began when Cullen hit producers Chris Hanley and Jordan Gertner with a fraud lawsuit just as it was set to make its big Toronto debut. A countersuit against Cullen followed shortly after, accusing the director of breaching his contract and going an estimated $4.5 million over the agreed-upon budget. The version of the film seen by critics, Variety noted, is the producers' cut.

Heard, who recently reached a divorce settlement with Johnny Depp following a contentious split, will next be seen in the Lake Bell comedy What's the Point and the presumed Zack Snyder blockbuster Justice League. Speaking with Collider in June about the film's tone, Snyder promised a "different energy" than the odd one found in Batman v Superman. "I mean, not to give anything away or say anything that would be too telling of where we're headed with the movie, but death is darker than, say, resurrection or team-building," he explained. We'll take your word for it, Zack.