Whenever Tracy Morgan graces a talk show with his presence, you know it's necessary viewing. That was certainly the case on Thursday's Breakfast Club when the celebrated stand-up comedian stopped by for a 45-minute discussion on his role in the forthcoming Richard Pryor biopic, how it feels to be fully recovered from the tragic 2014 accident that took the life of his friend Jimmy Mack, and flipping tragedy into comedy.

Before we really dive in, just look at how Morgan arrived to the Breakfast Club HQ:

Nice. Speaking on his role as the late Redd Foxx in Lee Daniels and Jay Z's Richard Pryor biopic, Morgan said he's not interested in mimicking the Sanford and Son star. Instead, Morgan wants to honor Foxx with an honest portrayal. "I'm not trying to do an impression," Morgan said. "I'm trying to channel him. Just like Jamie [Foxx] did with Ray. He didn't do an impression. He did Ray on heroin. That's a dark place. You wanna go until you know how to get to that dark place."


Morgan then detailed his decision to keep himself "well insulated" following the accident, telling the Breakfast crew there are certain things no one needs to know when going through a truly difficult time. "Nobody needed to know," Morgan said. "Let me heal. I know we live in an age where it's all about information, but no. Nobody needed to know that. Nobody needed to see no pictures of me in a coma. I don't care about all that."

Peep the full interview above, including some fascinating (and hilarious) insight into his creative process, before catching Morgan alongside Ice Cube and Charlie Day in next year's comedy Fist Fight: