There may not be as big a difference between Trump supporters and the black community after all. That was the clever premise behind Saturday Night Live's "Black Jeopardy" sketch, which saw last night's host Tom Hanks don a red “Make America Great Again” cap as Doug, a pretty docile Trumpeteer who gives all other Trumpeteers a good name.

Leslie Jones and Sasheer Zamata also showed up to answer questions from categories like “Big Girls,” “They Out Here Saying,” and “You Better.” But the sketch's best moments were between Hanks’ Doug, and Keenan Thompson’s host, Darnell Hayes, who at first was skeptical of having a right wing white dude on the show, but later warmed to him after discovering that they might have more in common than he originally thought.

One thing they definitely saw eye to eye on was voter fraud. When Doug answered the clue “They out here saying that every vote counts,” with “What is: Come on, they already decided who wins even before it happens,” Thompson’s Hayes shot back with: “The Illuminati figured that out months ago. That’s another one for Doug.” Hey, maybe this country isn’t as far gone as we thought. Twitter meanwhile, was quick to react to the sketch:

The rest of Hanks' duties as host were equally well received, especially his opening monologe, which saw him embody his persona as America's dad in the most literal way possible. “Hey buddy. There’s my big growing nation. How ya’ doin’, champ?” a sweater-clad Hanks asked the country. And while he was quick to point out the country's many faults, like any good dad he focused on the good stuff, like how we're getting a “getting a little darker,” and “a lot gayer,” whule dropping cool kid words like "fleek" and "trill." You can ground us any day, dad. 

In another episode highlight, Hanks teamed with fellow SNL stalwart Alec Baldwin for a spoof of Hank's latest movie Sully. After a long hiatus from the cockpit, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger returns only to discover that he's been relegated to second in command. Well, Sully's famous now (he knows Ellen) and he's not having it. Watch below.

All in all, it was a standout episode in what so fart has been a middling season of SNL, which only solidified the most important cardinal rule in showbiz: When you need a hit, call Tom Hanks.