Character He Plays: Sergeant Colin Sullivan
Best Line: "Fahk you. Fahking fiyah fighter queeahs. Fiyah-men getting pussy for the first time in the history of fiyah. And pussy."
Boston Guy's Assessment: We get it, you're from Boston.

Boston Guy's beef with Matt Damon in this movie is that his accent is a little aggressive; too "in your face." That's probably true, and it's funny: if you watch Good Will Hunting and The Departed back to back, you notice how much more natural Matt Damon's accent sounds in the former. It's more lived in, less put on. But I just wanna say, the way Damon delivers the above line is the most Boston thing ever. The accent might be too much, but Damon really captures the insecure, eternally bubbling anger that courses through every Red Sox fan's blood. Whenever I visit Boston, I never feel safe, and it's specifically because every man in that city looks like this line sounds. But, since we are judging this competition purely on accents, Damon's falling short.