Just last week, Steven Avery of Making A Murderer fame got engaged to a 53-year-old woman he had only met once. Now, there are reports that Avery has cut off the engagement because "she is a golddigger."

According to The Wrap, Avery's friend and former fiancee Sandra Greenman explained in a Facebook post, "Steve called me two times tonight and wants everyone to know that Lynn and him are done. She has been in this relationship for money and publicity. His eyes are finally opened!!!"

Lynn Hartman is a legal secretary from Las Vegas. Just days ago, when people announced skepticism about the relationship, Avery said that he and Hartman were "very much in love and this isn't going to change anytime soon." Avery also said that Hartman is "going to be my future wife, we’ll be laughing forever." That prediction doesn't seem to have worked out.

Greenman wrote in the post that she had been paid for doing various shows, including "at least 5000.00 dollars from Dr Phil," and she hoped to do more shows. The post claims to quote Avery as saying "she is a golddigger." The post continues, "He wants someone to contact Dr Phil before Mon. show annd (sic) let him know she was only in the relationship for money. I checked and doublechecked with him to make very sure he wanted this put on and he said very much so."

The Wrap reports that Carla Chase, Avery's niece, confirmed the story in the comments. She wrote, "Lynn has actually blocked the prison # from her phone & Steven has not been able to get ahold of her. So please, don’t let her be the victim as she’s trying to play.. saying ‘she’s been waiting for his call’ she has had my home # blocked for weeks."

Lynn Hartman will be on Dr. Phil on Oct. 3 and Oct. 4 on CBS. Avery called from prison to the show, which was already taped before the engagement was called off, according to Uproxx.