Living legend Sigourney Weaver, a villain? That's the spin for Marvel's forthcoming Netflix series The Defenders. Weaver joined Marvel mainstays Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Charlie Cox (Daredevil), and Finn Jones (Iron Fist) for a surprise appearance at this weekend's New York Comic Con festivities:

Though Marvel and Netflix haven't gotten any more specific than simply revealing Weaver as a villain, Slash Film noted Saturday that it’s very likely she'll be connected to the evil ninja group The Hand. First introduced to viewers on Netflix's Daredevil series, with this summer's Defenders teaser seemingly confirming that speculation by putting a big-ass hand on display:

When speaking with Collider in July, Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb explained the thought process behind simultaneously developing huge collab series like The Defenders while still cultivating the characters' individual Netflix hits. "We are telling a very large canvas story that, in many ways, will culminate in The Defenders, but they also have to exist in their own world," Loeb explained. "We expect that people who are watching Marvel's Luke Cage have maybe seen Jessica Jones and have met Mike and Luke Cage, but we can't bet on that. We have to tell a story that feels like it's of its own world."

Marvel's The Defenders hits Netflix in 2017.