Lest you think the Stranger Things noise had died down, Saturday Night Live is here to revive all season 2 hype. Joined by host Lin-Manuel Miranda, the cast gave us that season 2 teaser we've been dreaming of—and with Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon on deck, it's everything we could have hoped for in a parody of the summer's biggest series.

The sketch opens with a (spoofed) Duffer Brothers introducing a "sneak peek" at Stranger Things season 2, which will purportedly solve the "first season's biggest mysteries." Among them: "Where is the Upside Down?" "Is Barb coming back?" "And where is that black kid's family?" Sasheer Zamata stars as Lucas, while Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson play Lucas' parents. And while Eleven (Kate McKinnon) may wield the power of the Upside Down, she doesn't hold a candle to Lucas' mother, who's had about enough of this Demogorgon nonsense (and a hysterical Joyce Byers, for that matter).

Meanwhile, the IRL cast of Stranger Things made an appearance at New York Comic Con to discuss the possibilities of the show's second season, with David Harbour and Millie Bobby Brown dropping clues about what's in store. When asked of the relationship between Eleven and Hopper, Habour was crytic about its complexity and whether we'd see more of the two in coming episodes. But Harbuor did confirm that the cast have already received their scripts for season 2, so fans are sure to be getting their fix of Eleven and company come next summer.