The pirate who leaked a screener of Leonardo DiCaprio's The Revenant may have slipped out of a prison sentence, but the culprit was slapped with a hefty, million-dollar fine for posting the unauthorized film online. 

The pirate was ordered to pay $1.12 million in restitution to Century Fox for the million downloads the 2015 film received, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  The man reportedly posted The Revenant movie and The Peanuts Movie online under the alias "clutchit." Reports cite "familial circumstances" as the reason for avoiding jail time. In addition to paying the fine, the man will also be put under house arrest for eight months. 

Although a million bucks isn't an easy sum of money to come by, the man got off easy, considering the usual jail time for piracy ranges from two to ten years. Millions of viewers download movies illegally every year. And recently the ISP started an anti-piracy initiative to come down hard on any one caught facilitating illegal downloads.