Just a day after Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer, his wife of nine years, announced their separation, the world has an answer to the one question that matters: Will he return to the Pussy Posse so it's not just Leonardo DiCaprio and noted fedora wearer Lukas Haas? The answer, delightfully, is a firm yes. 

Page Six reported Maguire has been hitting Los Angeles clubs for months, both "with and without Leonardo DiCaprio." And no, this Pussy Posse reunion isn't the cause of the separation. Although the split was just announced yesterday, the conscious uncoupling has reportedly been in the works for "many months."

Let's hear more about the conscious re-coupling of the Pussy Posse:

Tobey was out in LA at all these hot spots... It looked like he was following in [supermodel maven] Leo’s footsteps... Tobey hasn’t been known to date those types of girls in the past. But he has been all over LA lately. It looks like Leo’s rubbed off on him. ... Maguire’s been going out "more often than usual" to DiCaprio fave 1Oak in LA. He was at supper club Delilah with actor Shane Powers on Friday, where "there were lots of hot girls," according to a source, but, "Tobey seemed fine. He was just enjoying being out with guy friends."

And let's check in with Leo for comment:  

For the non-Pussy Posse scholars among us, Maguire was an original member of Leo's infamous brigade of debauchery in the '90s. The old band came together after DiCaprio and Maguire kept running into each other at auditions, along with Kevin Connolly and Lukas Haas. In fact, DiCaprio and Maguire's friendship predates the whole damn thing, beginning when the two were just 12 years old. 

'90s nostalgia is rampant, so, really, this too was inevitable. Welcome back, Tobey.