Black Mirror, maybe the only TV show that really captures just how terrifying the very near future is going to be, is getting a fancy Netflix premiere for its third season. Since debuting via Channel 4 on the U.K. way back in 2011, the series has surprisingly predicted and/or paralleled real life in some hella startling ways. As the fresh trailer for its third season shows, that shit may be happening again.

Creator Charlie Brooker broke down each of the six new episodes for Entertainment Weekly last month, including the Bryce Dallas Howard-starring premiere. "Each episode this season is a different genre," Brooker explained. "This one is a social satire. It's got a creepy serenity to it and won't be what people expect."

The new six-episode batch of the Twilight Zone-esque anthology series will also see appearances by Mackenzie Davis, Alex Lawther, James Norton, Madeline Brewer, Kelly MacDonald, and more. Though seemingly short at six episodes, Netflix is following up the third season quickly with six more episodes next year.

According to Brooker, fans of the series so far will find plenty to dig into with these new episodes. "There's probably a slightly wider scope, and it's probably more idiosyncratic than before," Brooker told EW. "You can't pick which [episode] best represents the season. They're all outliers."

Black Mirror returns to Netflix Oct. 21.