If I had a dollar for every time a politician asked to “get back to the issues,” I’d be able to afford a solo trip to the moon, where I could live out the rest of this gross fever dream that is the 2016 presidential election in peace. There’s a reason Ken Bone and his red sweater were so intriguing during that second debate, and it has less to do with him and more to do with how infuriating the discourse has become. The conversations between the candidates have reached new lows—“you’re a puppet;” “no, you’re the puppet!”—and the population feels as divided as it ever has. In this complicated environment, I wouldn’t blame you for forgetting what the issues even are.

That said, no matter your political views, becoming familiar with the top issues and how they affect the world around you is the best way to make sure you don’t play yourself when it comes to election day. The upside is that it’s 2016: cars can drive themselves, Burger King created Mac N Cheetos, and you can educate yourself on this election’s top issues from the comfort of your own bed by watching these documentaries and movies we’ve selected for you. You’ll probably have to leave your bed to go vote, though. Don’t forget to do that.