Miley Cyrus, fresh judge on The Voice and star of Woody Allen's Amazon debut Crisis in Six Scenes, isn't a big fan of the CW's Supergirl series. In a recent interview with Variety, the Dead Petz singer criticized the show's "weird" title for sending the wrong message to young viewers.


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"A lot of it could be changed if we had a female president," Cyrus said Tuesday when asked why inequality is still such a prevalent issue in Hollywood. "That would give us a subconscious boost. I think people will have to realize they're looking really dated. For example, there's a show called Supergirl. I think having a show with a gender attached to it is weird. One, it's a woman on that fucking billboard — it's not a little girl. Two, what if you're a little boy who wants to be a girl so bad that this makes you feel bad? I think having a title like Supergirl doesn't give the power that people think it does."

Producer Andrew Kreisberg promptly responded to Cyrus' criticism, standing by the show's title. "It's based on a preexisting properly that's called Supergirl, so we never had any intention of calling it something other than that," Kreisberg explained to Entertainment Weekly. "I think we worked hard, especially in the early part of season 1 to address the discrepancy." Kreisberg specifically noted a scene in which the character called out the name herself. "We stand by the show," Kreisberg added.

Cyrus also addressed the continued controversy surrounding Crisis director Woody Allen's sexual abuse allegations, noting she has always been a fan of his work and didn't want to judge him before meeting him on the set. "Until I know someone and I know their story, I never really judge anyone," Cyrus told Variety. "That's kind of how I went into it. From the way I saw him with his family, I never saw him be anything but an incredible person and a really great dad. People might slam me for saying that. I'm sure it was a hard time for that family. My family has been through hard things, and I think everyone's suffering is different."