Lin-Manuel Miranda visited Jimmy Fallon's presumably comfortable Tonight Show couch Tuesday, an appearance that thankfully resulted in a rematch against The Roots' Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter. True Miranda heads will note that the last time dude faced off against Tariq, J.J. Abrams later called it "the best television I've seen in 10 years." For their second round, Miranda had to tackle the extremely challenging words "robot," "corn maze," and "Harry Potter" right out of the gate.

Miranda managed to sneak in "robot" and "corn maze" with ease, though his nonspecific references of a magic wand were not technically enough to count for a proper Harry Potter reference. When Trotter's first turn came along, he used Miranda's name to make a Miranda rights dig. The real highlight, however, is watching Miranda rhyme "erection today" with "Election Day."

Just for the hell of it, compare this battle with Miranda's previous J.J. Abrams-approved Tonight Show face-off:

Miranda is in town to prep for this week's Saturday Night Live, for which he's the host alongside musical guests Twenty One Pilots:

After joining the ranks of a bunch of legends who previously hosted the show without the assistance of 21 flight experts, Miranda will be heading to London for pre-production on Mary Poppins Returns. The sequel (i.e. not a reboot!), also starring Emily Blunt and Meryl Streep, is set to be released Dec. 25, 2018.