Kylie Jenner knows everyone's been laughing at her ever since E! published a deleted scene from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, where Kylie weirdly mistook a baby pig for a chicken. So to quiet down all those fans constantly tweeting her about the "stupid" mishap, the reality star took to Snapchat to explain the real story.

Everyone can chill out now—Kylie does, in fact, know the difference between a chicken and a pig; she just jumped to conclusions when her mom Kris Jenner brought over a housewarming gift that was wrapped in a blanket. 

Following an outpour of criticism for not being able to identify her barn animals, Kylie provided the back story to her awkward moment on Oct. 22. "Everyone keeps tweeting me this one Vine of my mom getting me a pig, and I mistake it for a chicken, but here's the real story behind me thinking that it's a chicken," Kylie said on Snapchat. "My mom asked me what I wanted for my housewarming gift, and I told her I want chickens; I want a chicken coop. I'm, like, dying to have a chicken."

Kylie details how she had numerous conversations with her mom about getting a chicken, which is what led her to believe she was actually getting one. "We had, like, over 10 conversations about it, so when I saw her downstairs with something all wrapped up in her arms, and I was upstairs, of course, I assumed that it was a fucking chicken," she continued. "I never asked for a pig. We had, like, 10 conversations about this damn chicken." 

Kylie ended her Snapchat story by letting everyone know that she isn't stupid. "I just wanted to make the public announcement that I do know the difference between a chicken and a pig, so you guys don't have to worry," Kylie concluded. "All my friends are private Snapchatting me about how funny they think the Vine is. Thanks guys, I get it. I look real fucking stupid."

While the video is still a little funny, this probably brings fans some peace of mind. And for the record, it's no secret Kylie has a thing for chickens. In her cover story with Interview Magazine in Dec. 2015, the lip kit connoisseur revealed she wants to eventually "go off the map" by the time she's 30 and raise her own chickens.