Kevin Hart, recent Jerry Seinfeld dethroner and brave "Hot Ones" champ, hit up Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show on Tuesday to remind everyone that his massive stand-up movie What Now is sliding into theaters this week. But when one of the stars of the forthcoming Jumanji continuation is on your show, what do you do? You gotta talk a little bit about Jumanji.

For Hart, that meant playfully ripping into co-star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for his on-set habit of taking a car from location to location instead of rocking some footwork. "I'm so much better than him," Hart told Fallon. "Not like in a way where we're competing, but if we were, I would be better." When Fallon brought up Hart's refusal to employ cars during the shoot, Hart took Johnson to task.

"I like to be a person," Hart explained. "I like to be a human being. I like to use my legs when we're talking about 100 feet. In other words, if it's from here to here, I can walk there. I see where I have to go!" Hart is especially confused by all this car action due to Johnson's general, you know, Rockness. "His legs are double my size!" Hart laughed. "So it's going to take me a good minute to get there. He could cut that in half because his steps are bigger steps!"

In addition to outing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as someone who enjoys the comforts of an automobile, Kevin Hart also talked a bit about his own fitness vibes and his premium underwear brand, Tommy John:

As this is the Tonight Show, Hart also had to join Fallon for a round of "Would You Rather?" in which Fallon was ultimately forced to munch down on a goddamn cricket:

But I suppose eating crickets is better than hearing them.