E4’s Misfits was lowkey one of the cleverest British TV shows in recent memory. Following a group of London teenagers doing community service who gained superpowers, it was kind of like X-Men for British working class kids. It dealt with issues about race, class and gender, but never let that over shadow the characters and the humour.

Now after several years writing for the BBC, Misfit’s creator Howard Overman is back on E4, and covering similar ground. His new show is Crazyhead, about two girls in their early 20s who just happen to be demon hunters. Amy is stuck working a dead end job in a bowling alley, and also suffering from hallucinations about people being possessed by demons — until she meets the loud, socially incompetent but loveable Raquel, who can also see them, and they team up to take them on, armed only with exorcism rituals off Wikipedia and weapons from eBay. We spoke to Howard Overman about writing street-level fantasy, colourblind casting and if network TV is failing young people.