Why do people watch horror movies? There's certainly a sick pleasure from scaring the shit out of yourself, shaking nervously for an hour and a half, and coming to a cathartic release by the time credits roll at the end. But sometimes horror movies will go the extra mile, push the envelope to the next level, and take, not just the scary, but the gross-out factor to 11. Bodies will be mutilated in unimaginable ways, poor horror victims meeting their ends via all sort of depraved and creative methods. Sometimes you get your tongue bitten off while having sex with your cannibalistic lover, other times you find yourself sewn ass-to-mouth to a bunch of strangers—and by that point you're probably just begging for death. Even for the most horror-loving, desensitized viewer, these deaths will incite some sort of gag reflex (be warned while reading about them, too). Below we've compiled horror's most vomit-inducing deaths, because apparently a mere stab with a knife doesn't cut it anymore. 

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