Commuters in Edmonton were pretty excited about the completion of Anthony Henday Drive. In fact, they were a little too excited. The last leg of the highway has been under construction since 2012, and when it finally opened up for drivers, citizens discovered a message via one of the electronic road signs.

Reading, "We Done Bitches", the exclamation detailed the relief of workers on the project. Many drivers stopped to capture the sign. Some people took to social media to share it with the world.

While some enjoyed the sign, others weren't as pleased. The most noticeable of the detractors, was the Alberta Transportation board. While they mirrored the enthusiasm of the road's completion, they felt the wording was a little off. Representatives of the organization said they were working to fix the sign, and restore it to its original state. This isn't the first time we've seen pranksters play with traffic signs. Most recently, an Ottawa display was remixed to warn drivers of zombie dicks.