Three years before Donald Trump embarked on his journey to become the next president of the United States, the billionaire and some reality TV producers were planning to roll out Trump Town Girls, a reality series employing gorgeous Miss Universe contestants to come work at Trump's brokerage business.

Similar to The Apprentice, the show's premise was to employ teams of women plucked and groomed by Trump to compete for commissions in the family business. Each week, the women would be tasked with completing promotional tasks for the real-estate company. Promo could include anything from chartering a plane to Monaco to designing social media campaigns. 

Early clips from the show's pilot as well as pitch material published at Jezebel show competitors Miss New York 2011 Amber Collins and Miss Indiana 2011 Jillian Wunderlich discussing their first interactions with Mr. Trump (as everyone involved called him) prior to joining the cast. Despite previous allegations that the Republican nominee inappropriately touched or humiliated pageant contestants, the former queens detailed a more favorable interaction with former Miss Universe owner. "One minute I have the crown on my head, and then the next minute I’m in Mr. Trump’s office," Collins, who was the first Miss USA contestant, told the cameras in one scene. "He was like, 'What are you doing now, Miss New York?’ And I said, 'Well, I’m teaching.' He was like, 'Listen have you ever thought about real estate? You’ll make a hell of a lot more money than you will teaching.'" 

Trump's daughter Ivanka was also expected to play a crucial role in the series. In a different promo video, Ivanka explained what she was looking for in the competing women. "My father's core advice was always to find what you love doing, and that's something  I look for all the people that we're hiring for our team," she said. 

Trump Town Girls was reportedly in development with E! in cooperation with Trump Productions. It's unclear why the series was a no-go, but it may have been the universe's way of sparing viewers' brains—if only a little bit. But considering Trump's recent recently uncovered history with misogyny and alleged sexual assault, the show would have probably added a lot more fuel to the fire if it had come to pass.

You can view clips from Trump Town Girls here.