David Harbour and Millie Bobby Brown's appearance at New York Comic Con was a blessing for fans eager to know what they can expect from the second season of Stranger Things.

First, Harbour noted that the show will dive into the backstory of Sheriff Hopper's child, which he says impacted the character in immeasurable ways.

"I feel like with the loss of a daughter like that, I just feel like he's truly broken in a way that almost cannot be healed,” he said. “In a certain way he has so much guilt because he’s so used to saving people, used to good guys and bad guys, and finally he puts himself in a situation where it’s just life. I mean, there’s just nothing he can do and I think that he takes that on himself and carries it on his shoulders.”

And while on the subject of Hopper's daughter, a fan asked Harbour if he anticipates Hopper and Eleven will grow closer in coming episodes. His answer was pretty cryptic, noting that it's a "complex relationship."

“We end season one with Hopper actually sort of selling Eleven out, right? He doesn’t know that she’s capable of destroying groups of people but he does kind of give her up to go into the Upside Down to save Will,” said Harbour. “So I think this idea of being around children is a very difficult thing for him. I think it’s a very complex relationship.”

Harbour also teased that the great love triangle of Jonathan, Nancy and Steve will continue "for seasons to come," noting that “even when I was watching I felt torn. They both were so three dimensional.”

There's no set release date for the second season, but Harbuor confirmed that the cast already received scripts for the first couple of episodes. The rumor mill is churning the theory that season 2 will be out before next summer.