With the presidential election right around the corner, many celebrities have used their platforms to address the nation’s issues as well as encourage political involvement. Outspoken comedian Dave Chappelle is one of those celebrities.  

During this weekend’s Roots Picnic festival in NYC, the 43-year-old took a moment to thank the event’s organizers and to give the crowd a political message. Of course, it was executed in typical Chappelle fashion.

“I hope everybody votes. I know it’s a tough decision,” Chappelle said sarcastically. “Hillary Clinton versus white Malcolm X. That crazy carrot-top head motherfucker is gonna kill us all …  and lower my taxes. I got a tough decision ahead of me. Do I go with my new white life or my old black one?”

His comments were met with laughs. Back in August, ShowBiz411 reported Chappelle had expressed his support for Clinton during his standup show at The Cutting Room in NYC. Though cameras and cell phones were not allowed at the event, the publication’s columnist Roger Friedman provided a little recap of what went down. Chappelle reportedly touched on everything from the Black Lives Matter movement to Donald Trump’s attempts to get minority votes to why he’ll be voting for Clinton next month.

You can check out the Roots Picnic footage above.