Carson Daly now spends his days as a social media correspondent on NBC's Today show, which is essentially just a more profitable version of a retirement home. But believe it or not, there was a time when Daly wouldn't have been caught dead with Matt Lauer and company because he was far too busy sticking it to the man as the host of Total Request Live on MTV.

Daly paid tribute to his TRL days, which spanned from 1998 to 2002, on Monday's Today by dressing up as someone very special for Halloween: himself, only cooler and more TRL-y. Chipped black nail polish? Check. Vaguely military-inspired collared shirt? Check. Sideburns longer than the bloated 1999 Limp Bizkit cut "Re-Arranged?" Duh.

Because politically exhausted members of society have largely resorted to intravenous nostalgia usage as a way to cope with all the bullshit, Daly's meta TRL throwback was an instant Halloween smash:

The Today crew was even kind enough to throw it back to pre-apocalypse times with a thrilling live performance from Smash Mouth, which I'm just going to assume is Guy Fieri's favorite fucking band ever:

*repaints nails and begins working on TRL reboot pitch*