Bill Cosby's legal team continues to push for a dismissal of a 2004 case in which accuser Andrea Constand alleged the former comedian of sexual assault. But prosecutors are standing their ground. The opposing lawyers accused Bill Cosby and his camp of hiding his "true nature" in an attempt to get the case thrown out.  

"He is an individual who has used his fame and fortune for decades to conceal his crimes and hide his true nature," District Attorney Kevin Steele wrote. The opposing sides have been feuding over legal briefs before going to a pretrial next month in order to determine if the case will move forward. They're battling over whether more accusers will be allowed to testify, and whether jurors will be able to hear Cosby's previous testimony about giving women drugs and alcohol before attempting to have sex with them, according to reports.

Cosby's lawyers claim it is "unfair" to make him defend events that occurred more than 12 years ago. His legal team also noted that at 79 years of age, the actor's eyesight has significantly deteriorated, making it difficult to recognize his accusers or even remember he's met them. But prosecutors argue the case was re-investigated and filed before the  statute of limitations ran out, and the court should uphold those legal standards.

Previously, Cosby filed a counter lawsuit against Constand in Feb. 2016, alleging she violated a confidentiality agreement concerning the sexual assault. Cosby's legal team cited their client suffered "irreparable harm" as a result, according to Deadline. Cosby later dropped those charges.

Nevertheless, a trial date has been set for June of 2017. Prosecutors have asked the court to allow 13 other accusers to testify to support Constand's allegations. A judge has ordered scheduled hearings to see potential evidence for the case for two weeks in Nov. and Dec. Cosby has currently pleaded not guilty to the felony charge and remains out of custody on a $1 million bail.