We get it, Ben Affleck, the Patriots just don't lose that often, especially not to the Buffalo Bills, but this is the reality we're living in. We had to live through Batman V Superman, so you're going to have to get through one Sunday.

Affleck's reaction, seen above, came when a reporter for Sports Illustrated delivered the news that his beloved Pats were down 16-0 in the fourth quarter this past Sunday. They went on to lose the game 16-0, and suffered their first shutout loss ever at Gillette Stadium. 

Affleck's utter disbelief was probably shared by Patriots fans across the nation, but since he happened to be out promoting his new movie, The Accountant, he apparently didn't have a chance to watch the game on TV. That meant that we were treated to the rare sight of an A-list celebrity finding out his team had just been handed a spectacular loss in real-time. 

He almost looks as sad as that time some little indie movie he made got bad reviews or something

Don't get used to seeing that or anything. Affleck's good friend Tom Brady will return from sunbathing on the beach naked with his supermodel wife next week as his Deflategate suspension ends, just in time for the Pats to take on the 0-4 Cleveland Browns.