On March 24, 2016, amid a monsoon of horrible reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the movie's stars, Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, sat down for an interview. As Cavill spent too long answering some mundane question, Affleck was caught staring off into space, truly considering the meaning of lifeWhy am I here? What deep-seated, dreadful sadness is this?

Ben Affleck Sad

It was clear: Ben Affleck was having a mid-life crisis. But this moment was really just the most obvious call for help. There had been, and would be, others. At the Oscars in 2013, two years before his divorce from Jennifer Garner, he exasperatedly proclaimed to millions of people that marriage "is work." After the "Sad Ben Affleck" meme took off, it was rumored that he had been hooking up with his kids' nanny; he was seen sucking in sweet, sweet vapors of an e-cig; he appeared so drunk on Bill Simmons' HBO show that you could get wasted just by watching him; he tucked his shirt in through his unzipped fly.

Since Affleck's mid-life crisis is so multi-faceted, we wanted to know: which part of it do you identify with the most? So, on the release day of his latest movie, The Accountant, take the below quiz and find out. And if you ever find yourself questioning the meaning of life, don't fret—just take solace in the certainty that Ben Affleck is out there somewhere doing the exact same thing.