Episode: "The Hallway" (Season 1, Episode 3)
Awkward Quotient: 9/10, especially if you're a terrible liar
If You Liked: Issa lying about sending a text to Molly

While this episode is primarily focused on J and CeCe's awkward meetings in the hallway at work, there's one moment where she gets a phone call from A, a booty call gone horribly wrong. She sees A's number come up and throws some shade, shouting "IGNORE!"...without realizing that he's standing right behind her and heard everything. It goes from her copping pleas about her phone's bad service to a lie that ends with her saying she hates Mexicans, which A insanely agrees with. It's one thing to lie so much that you dig a deep hole; it's a completely OTHER situation where you casually throw racism out there, and end up having someone agree with you.