We know Drake fans run the gamut. The rapper has snagged followers around the world, and has percolated into the consciousness of practically every generation. Your mom knows who Drake is, and your grandmother knows Drake is. Everyone knows who Drake is. This level of fame allows Drizzy to appear in T-Mobile commercials, sell out shows, and without exaggeration, be one of the biggest musicians in the world. Digesting this info should make it easier to understand why a 6-year-old requested (and then pulled off) a Drake-themed birthday this past weekend. But before you raise your expectations - actually, raise them. This birthday looks frigging lit.

On Sunday, Leah, was the real 6 God. The swagged out little girl celebrated her big day in style, with an OVO colour scheme, Drake balloons, and t-shirts adorned with amazing lyrics. The whole event was captured by family friend, Abby Marquez. Here are some photographic highlights of the party.

No word yet on whether Leah plans to turn everything upside down for her 9th birthday. But for now, she's turned her birthday into a lifestyle.