This Christmas Nintendo plans to send gamers back to yesteryear with the launch of the NES Classic mini, which will come with a built-in library of 30 games. However someone’s beaten the Japanese games company to the punch when it comes to a mini-version of the SNES.

Youtube user Hugo 'lyberty5' Dorison has constructed a miniature SNES featuring games such as Kirby’s Dreamworld, Yoshi’s Island and Doom in all their 16-bit glory. Obviously his mini SNES project will not be going on sale to the public—for obvious reasons, but it’s still worth a peak at this micro-piece of ingenuity.

The miniature console is made from; a Raspberry Pi Zero, a USB hub, lots and lots of solder and a clay outer shell, which he then carves and paints into a bitesize version of the original console.

Check out the video above.

[Via Eurogamer]