We told you months ago that American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson was the best thing on TV this year. Last night, the television academy let everyone know that Sarah Paulson's performance on the series was the best of 2016. After that, Paulson let Marcia Clark know how much the now-award-winning actress appreciated her.

Paulson, who played the real-life O.J. Simpson case prosecutor on the series (and in the process turned Clark into a feminist hero), has been friends with Clark for a while now. Paulson even brought her real-life inspiration along as a date to the Emmy awards ceremony, where the two of them sitting together yielded probably the best gifs of the night.

Marcia Clark Emmys

Paulson thanked Clark in an acceptance speech after winning the Emmy for Best Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie, but it was what the actress did after the ceremony that was really special. The Los Angeles Times reports that Paulson brought Clark into the "Winners Circle," where the winners can watch as their statuettes are engraved with their names right in front of them. Paulson had hers engraved with both her name and Clark's as they watched. 

The People v. O.J. Simpson cleaned up at the awards, bringing home a total of four Emmys, including Best Limited Series and Best Actor in a Limited Series for Courtney B. Vance, who portrayed the late Simpson defense attorney Johnny Cochran. Also winning was Sterling K. Brown, who played Clark's partner on the state's case against Simpson, Chris Darden. Unlike Clark, though, the real-life Darden is not a fan of the show