Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson will air his first stand-up special on Comedy Central in October. Earlier this year, the 22-year-old comedian filmed the hour-long special, Pete Davidson: SMDat a sold-out Skirball Center in his hometown of New York City.  

If you have heard Davidson's commentary on business and becoming an adult during his appearances as the show's "Resident Young Person" at the Weekend Update desk, then you know that nothing is off-limits. His special will delve deeper into his past experiences, like the time he sent dick pics to his own mom, and his stint in what he refers to as "prehab." 

In addition to filming his first special this year, Davidson also embarked on his first national stand-up tour this past June. Davidson's Prehab Tour gave him a chance to spread his wings and touch on topics that he couldn't approach on SNL. "You can't say whatever you want on network television," he told Rolling Stone. "That pissed me off so I started to try and do smarter stuff, like stuff that would interest me like transgender bathrooms and Trump and gun control just to show that I'm not stuck to that." His spots on the Comedy Central Roasts of Justin Bieber and, most recently, Rob Lowe, gave us a preview of how far Davidson is willing to go when he's given the opportunity. 

The special is set to air on Saturday, October 29 at 11 p.m.