A lot of people really like Netflix's original series Narcos. Hell, some people even love it. The show has been a rousing success for the streaming platform, which recently renewed the cocaine saga for at least two more years of suspense. As is surely common knowledge by now, Pablo Escobar (spoiler?) dies in the show's second season, meaning future episodes will tackle other titans of cocaine. But before we move on, Pablo's son would like a word.

Sebastián Marroquín hit up Facebook to let loose exactly 28 claimed inaccuracies in Narcos' second season. "On behalf of my country and in honor of the real truth of the incidents which took place between the '80s and '90s, I see in the obligation to make serious mistakes of a series that claims to be as truthful, when is a lot to be insulting, so the story of a whole nation and of so many victims and families," Marroquín wrote earlier this week, according to a translation.

Among Marroquín's 28 Narcos problems are the showmakers decisions to flub Escobar's favorite soccer team, insert his grandmother into situations in which she never participated, depict his mother with a weapon despite her aversion to weaponry, and show his uncle as a drug dealer when he was allegedly nothing of the sort. For good measure, Marroquín also links to the Amazon listing for his book about his father multiple times within the Facebook post.


Narcos previously faced a bit of controversy from Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, Pablo's brother. By Roberto's estimations, a cool billion bucks is exactly what Netflix owes him for the series. "You have to pay to play, and they are playing me without paying," he told Newsweek in July. "I am not a monkey in a circus, I don't work for pennies."